Forest Department plans to raise 10 crore trees

As a component of the Tamil Nadu Bio-diversity Conservation and Greening project, the State Forest Department has an ambitious plan of raising 10 crore trees in farmlands spread over 1.43 lakh hectares at a cost of Rs 182 crore over the next five years.

Buoyed by the success of government's tree cultivation in private lands in the past three years when three crore seedlings have been planted in about 50,000 ha of fallow lands benefiting 72,000 small and marginal farmers, the department has decided to scale up the initiative to achieve multiple objectives.

On the one hand, planting of 10 crore saplings will take the State further towards the target of bringing 33 per cent of the geographical area under forest and tree cover as mandated by the National Forest Commission. This tree plantation drive will also contribute to increased supply of wood and non-wood products from private lands thereby reducing the pressure on natural forests.......Read More


Source: The Hindu


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