Impact of rising temperature on pests

The effects are several and complex

Climate change resulting in increased temperature could impact crop pest insect population in several complex ways. Increased temperature can potentially affect insect survival, development, geographic range and population size.

Temperature can impact insect physiology and development directly or indirectly through the physiology or existence of hosts. Depending on the development strategy of an insect species, temperature can exert different effects.

Reproductive biology of an insect may be affected both positively and negatively. Climate, temperature and precipitation in particular, have a very strong influence on the development, reproduction and survival of insect pests and as a result it is highly likely that these organisms will be affected by any change in climate.

Warmer temperatures in temperate climates will result in more types and higher populations of insects. Some insects like arctic moths take several years to complete one lifecycle.........Read more


Source web page: The Hindu

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