Marketers Swear By Green Mantra

The Copenhagen summit last month may have failed to persuade world leaders to come up with a global treaty to tackle climate change, but it seems to have inspired Indian advertisers and marketers to join the green brandwagon.

Idea Cellular’s latest campaign, ‘What an Idea Sirji—Use mobile, Save Paper’, is designed around fighting deforestation, while Nokia’s ‘Planet Ke Rakhwale’ communication propagates proper recycling of used mobile handsets.

IT companies like Cisco and IBM have already been harping on their respective positions of ‘sustainable planet’ and ‘smarter planet’ for some time now. This reflects the increasing awareness of the perils of global warming — one of the two biggest issues the world is facing along with terrorism, in the words of US president Barack Obama, and one of the most ‘searched’ terms in Google last year.
Market watchers say it is a larger global trend that is mirrored in India. Rajan Chibba, CEO of advisory firm Intrim Business Associates, thinks it marks the start of a trend. “Green is the next big story in the corporate world and more such campaigns would not surprise many,” he says. He believes that marketers will soon realise that there are environment friendly ways to boost business and make profits. “Companies are at least beginning to talk green. Action shall follow speech.”............Click for more


 Source Web Page: Times of India

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