Planting right trees and caring for them

He might not get to see the 65 trees that comprise ‘Green Chennai,' a photo album by his grandfather, collected over the past 80 years, but he hopes to at least know their names. And as part of this exercise, J. Sriram (10) makes sure he is around when his mother plants a few saplings in the backyard of his new house in Alwarpet.

“A little knowledge about saplings, such as the fact that drumstick plants can attract kamblipoochis, while an Athi (fig) tree can invite melodious birds, really helps,” says R. Vaijayanthi, his mother, a nature enthusiast.

Tree plantation drives in the city have been in the news. But their success requires a scientific approach including focus on planting the right kind of saplings at the right place, caring for them and maintenance of the existing trees, say experts......Read More


Source: The Hindu

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