Building thoughts with bricks

Nandanam, a kindergarten, inspires children to ask questions. Matrimandir, the meditation abode, plays with the Sun’s rays. And Language Lab welcomes you with its breezy ventilation. An exploration into Auroville’s thoughtfully designed buildings

Buildings in Auroville breathe the philosophy of the township— about living in harmony with Nature. Walk through the winding lanes, and you will find almost all the structures are shrouded in thick foliage.

A town, where every third person you might meet, is an architect or an architecture student. It thrives in it’s culture of building. It continues to attract architects from all over the world, with the residents willing to experiment with their creativity, construction materials, and technologies. “So many people come from different backgrounds and with different skill-sets and they come together and use their skills to build this township,” says Baghya Gaur, an architect in Auroville.

The Auroville Centre for Green Practices recently held the Exploring Auroville Architecture workshop, where the various architects who helped build the town introduced the participants to the many facets of the architecture.

Every tourist’s first stop is usually the visitor’s centre. Known for it’s architecture and energy-saving construction material, it sees the maximum rush of visitors. They walk through a brick archway into cafes, book stores, boutiques and an exhibition hall.....Read more
Source web page:The Hindu

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