Cool! A ?4,000 room-cooler that uses earthen pot tech

Two students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, are all set to take you back to the future. A new room-cooling solution devised by the duo — chemical engineering student Nimisha Gupta and student of biotechnology Raja Jain — takes inspiration from “ghada” (earthen pots) to cool down your rooms efficiently and without adding to your carbon footprint.

Gupta and Jain’s innovation, Evacool, recently won Schneider Electric’s global ‘Go Green in the City 2017’ contest, which was held in Paris.

1,000-year-old tech

Talking to BusinessLine, Gupta said: “We tried to use the 1,000-year-old technology of earthen pots to keep keep rooms cool, but its usage was very limited. Evacool is based on evaporative cooling. When evaporation takes place, it cools the surface and the temperature of air around it cools as well. We tried to use the same model.”

Jain and Gupta have been at this project for over six months and hope to market their product soon.

“Once we are done with the research and development and get the patent, Evacool will soon enter the market,” Jain said....Read more


Source web page:Hindu Business Line

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