Timber can be spectacular

Architect Mahesh, inspired by ancient structures built in a native, common-sense style, designsresorts with this ‘cradle-to-cradle’ material. By Nandhini Sundar

He calls it ‘cradle-to-cradle’ material unlike the conventional steel and concrete which is ‘cradle-to-graveyard’ material. We are talking about timber and its place in structures and renowned architect N. Mahesh, of Iyer and Mahesh Architects and his views on use of timber in conventional buildings.

Widely known for his astounding timber structures, Mahesh believes there is insufficient use of timber in structures in India merely because of a lack of timber rating system here, unlike in other countries. According to him, 119 countries adopt a reforestation policy while this is sorely lacking in India. “We need to adopt more sustainable materials and the best way to do this is make available green-rated timber.”

He points to our erstwhile structures that were built with limited or nil technology. “These had longevity merely because they were built relevant to climate and ecology of the site.” Most of those who designed these structures had no formal education in architecture. “They put together the fundamentals in a native, common sense style. Interestingly these ancient structures, such as our temples, had no waterproofing, yet there is no leakage in them.”....Read more



Source web page: The Hindu

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