Got an idea to restore Buckingham Canal? Share it

Have an idea to improve Buckingham canal but never got a chance to share them with authorities? 
The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German federal ministry for the environment in coordination with corporation and city-based NGOs has declared a competition whereas best ideas will be selected to renovate the 3.5km Buckingham canal running through the heart of the city from Kotturpuram till Thiruvanmiyur.

This competition is launched as part of ‘Cities Fit for Climate Change’, a project of GIZ. “In Chennai, we were looking for a site that will address climate change. And Buckingham canal is a lost waterbody that all of us have ignored for a long time. The Chennai river restoration trust has taken up a project to renovate and rejuvenate it for Rs 500 crore and so we thought this will be the right time to get the citizens involved,” said Vidhya Mohan Kumar of Urban Design Collective.

Though primarily constructed to transport goods from Vijayawada to Madras, the canal also helps manage floodwater and regulate the ecosystem vital for the city. “Archival photographs show the canal to be an idyllic setting with lush green edges and wooden catamarans cruising its course. Today, however, the canal is faced with severe pollution with untreated sewage and solid waste being dumped into it. The encroachments have also severely compromised its width and carrying capacity over long stretches within the Chennai Metropolitan area and have drastically reduced the canal’s capacity as a source of livelihood for the population. Though many government agencies have tried to revive it, they have failed. So, we wanted the residents to act as active stakeholders and reimagine the canal,” said one of the organisers of the project.

 “Participants have to examine the entire canal to arrive at holistic, integrated solutions and keep in mind the chosen stretch only as a demonstration site for interventions,” said Vidhya adding sketches, diagrams, 3D visualizations, physical model photos, CAD drawings, text will be accepted.
 The best designs will also be displayed in a week-long exhibition in October which the authorities will visit and the top three will get grants to develop them into detailed projects with the help of German and Indian experts which may be incorporated in the state government projects.
Source web page: Times of india

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