Japanese innovation can replace costly STPs

A decentralised method of wastewater disposal involving mini purification tanks that have the potential to replace big-scale sewage treatment plants was the highlight of a technical seminar hosted by the Ministry of Environment of Japan on Tuesday. 

The event focused on explaining the success story behind ‘Johkasou’ method of sewage management pioneered by Japan.

‘Johka’ which stands for purify and ‘Sou’ meaning tanks, function as mini STPs that can be installed in every individual apartment to treat sewage after separating the faecal sludge from it. 

“Large scale STPs require a lot of manpower and funds for maintenance. Also, large expanses of land need to be acquired to build them. 

But, in comparison, these tanks require an investment of Rs 1 lakh for setting up and occupy only the space of a car.

But will carry out the same function as a centralised STP,” said Takayuki Matsuda, a member from the Environmental Regeneration and Material Cycles Bureau of the ministry.Private companies, members from government bodies responsible for sewage disposal, including Metrowater and Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) participated in the seminar.


Sourcde web page: New indian express

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