Karaikudi, Devakottai excel in waste disposal

Karaikudi and Devakottai municipalities, which together handle over 70 tonnes of waste a day, have become forerunners in solid waste management, converting biodegradable waste into compost manure and plastic waste into raw material for laying roads and industrial use.

Collector G. Latha, who inspected the compost yard at Devakottai Rastha, where wet and dry wastes were segregated for making value-added products and some of the decentralised units on Thursday, commended the two municipalities for doing wholesome work to achieve the high standards in solid waste management.

The two municipalities had drawn out systems for 100% segregation of biodegradable and non-degradable wastes at source and disposed of the recycled items, especially plastic materials, without polluting the environment, she said....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu

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