Squeezing fuel out of plastic waste

Paterson Energy produces a cheaper alternative to diesel that can fire generators, kilns...


A business born out of commitment to a clean environment, a technology honed over years, scaled up to commercial levels and proven in the field — that is Paterson Energy for you.

The company builds plants that can process plastic waste to produce liquid fuel that is cheaper than diesel and a substitute to fuel generators, industrial boilers, kilns, furnaces diesel-powered engines and other such equipment.

Paterson Energy’s plants deliver the double benefit of tackling plastic waste and producing a useful product from waste.

Even waste such as shopping bags and miscellaneous plastic stuff that are not normally picked up by rag pickers for recycling can be used as a raw material. Plastics are the bane of urban development, they do not degrade, they clog drains, choke livestock, mar the environment and are piling up by the day. But now there is a solution, and “it is environment-friendly and bankable,” says Vidya Amarnath, Director, Paterson Energy....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu business Line

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