Zero waste 101: going green and helping local artisans

Two sustainability enthusiasts joined hands to come up with eco-friendly replacements for plastic products used on a daily basis at home. With a background in fashion technology, Veena Balakrishnan and Sudarshana Pai were always aware of and exposed to the amount of industrial waste produced in garments and manufacturing factories. The supply chain and cloth businesses made them realise how unsustainable fashion itself was. What began as research during college days for using sustainable and reusable materials for cloth garments led to the set up of their own company called Everwards India, six months back. 

“We’ve always been driven towards using local materials, integrating local economies and reducing carbon footprint. Things used decades ago are getting back in trend. I had a zero-waste wedding a few months back, at the end of which only two to three bags of plastic waste were generated. Otherwise, each marriage contributes to loads of trash. We’ve also done second-hand cloth sales. Through our company we generate job opportunities for the physically challenged, domestic help and artisans,” said Veena Balakrishnan. 

Their one-week activity called ‘Experience zero-waste living’ offers a pop-up store and workshop planned for customers. They have planned a set of activities and it’s open to all. The two 20-somethings have worked with artisans from different parts and put together a bunch of eco-friendly innovations on the check-list for us to purchase under different categories.....Read more


Source web page: Economic times

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