Finally, river-cleaning act gets underway in Chennai

The Adyar river mouth, a vital passage for the city’s floodwater to drain into the Bay of Bengal, is choked with lakhs of tonnes of silt deposits, putting the city at risk ahead of a monsoon that is only a few weeks away.

With the Water Resources Department (WRD) kicking off the annual flood mitigation work to tackle north-east monsoon, three earth-movers were seen in action on Friday, removing silt at the river mouth and Adyar creek. Locals told Express that work began about five days ago and had managed to create an opening of about 20 metres,  allowing the Adyar river to flow into the sea. However, experts feel it is too late or rather symbolic.

The actual size of the river mouth is about 700 metres, which is choked now. “Going by the rate at which the work is being carried out, there is no way even a third of it can be opened.................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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