Illegal temples eat into Perungudi lake, choke it

A half-broken brick is what Perungudi resident Prem Anand saw when he first noticed a baked block of clay lying unattended by the walkway around the Perungudi lake.
In two months, the half-broken brick transformed into a deity in a makeshift temple with a concrete floor and an asbestos roof. Covered in ash and sandal paste, the brick now has a trident for company.

What baffled Anand was how the brick managed the short trip from the walkway and got itself a home on the Perungudi lake, a 57-acre water body adjoining areas like Kamaraj Nagar, Kurinji Nagar and Telephone Nagar.

"(Including) this takes the number of (illegal) temples in the lake to three," said Anand. Garbage is found floating in the waters near these temples.

As a member of the Perungudi Lake Area Neighbourhood Environmental Transformation (Planet) association, a residents' collective, Balamurugan (another resident) had been a part of tree plantation drives and mass cleanups which helped recover the lake from a state of neglect. "It is painful to watch....Read more


Source web page:Times of India

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