An Indian farmer saves Rs 25000 on getting Agromet SMS

Weather Forecasting Service was introduced by the India Meteorological Department for the benefit of farmers even before independence in 1945. It was broadcast over All India Radio in the form of Farmer’s Weather Bulletin (FWB). For a very long time programmes like Krishi Darshan aired by All India radio were the only source of information for farmers across the country. The programme had become so popular that that one of the varieties of rice was in fact named as Radio Rice. But times have since changed. The profile of the farmers is fast changing and with the revolution in the IT sector the dissemination of information to farmers too is taking multi-channel routes. SMS and voice messages on Mobiles are the latest techniques to reach out to the farmers. According to the Agromet scientist K.K Singh, over 25 lakh farmers are benefiting from this service........Read more



Source: Commodity Online

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