An overnight sensation

Humble pakhala bhat or pazhaya saadham has made it to restaurant menus. A simple dish of leftover rice soaked in water, what makes it a summer breakfast special?

A delicious meal of leftover rice soaked in water overnight. Sounds familiar? The Assamese call it poita bhaat . In Tamil Nadu it’s pazhaya saadham . Pakhala bhatfor Odias, panta bhaat for Bengalis,tanajana for Tullus, and chaddannam for Telugus.

“The Pumpkin Flower Pakhala Bhat, a super “cool” dish inspired from Orissa is our way of welcoming the onset of Summer at @thebombaycanteen and paying tribute to the Indian pumpkin!” announced Thomas Zacharias, chef-partner at The Bombay Canteen recently on Instagram, prompting more than a thousand likes, and 56 enthusiastic comments by Instagrammers giving their regional versions.

Popular with farmers, fishermen and people who labour outdoors, this underrated dish rarely made it to posh dining tables, which is why the fact that it is now on a hipster restaurant menu is so exciting. I was mocked by my paternal aunts for relishing poita bhaat with my mother during summer holidays.

I thought that maybe this was because it was so ordinary. This view, however, changed when I was reviewing a restaurant in Hyderabad and spotted panta bhaat on the menu. Surprised, I called a friend in Singapore — a professional storyteller — to tell her about it. To be on the safe side, I started the conversation by asking: ‘Do you know what poita bhaat or panta bhaat is?” My friend, broke into a folk-tale which her mother told her to make her develop a liking for this humble dish.....Read more


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