Dairy experts develop nano dip strip to detect milk adulterations

This portable strip can detect eight types of impurities, including urea and detergent present in the milk.

A team of researchers, led by Kamdhenu University Vice- Chancellor Professor M C Varshneya, Director of Research Dr DB Patil and principal and dean of Government College of Dairy Science, Amreli Dr Vimal M Ramani, have developed a nanotechnology-based “dip strip” as a solution to control adulteration in milk.

Giving an alternate to existing traditional and sophisticated methods to test milk adulteration like infrared based, spectrophotometric, chromatographic and other technically complicated methods which are time-consuming, expensive and require skilled manpower to handle the sophisticated instruments, the team has developed a portable tool which is claimed to be accurate, affordable and a reliable technique..................Read more


Source: The Indian Express

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