The great Indian toxic food fraud

For 60-year-old Harnam Kaur, consuming a pack of edible oil she bought from a local shop cost her her sight. After investigation, the Delhi resident came to know that argemone in the oil resulted in the loss of her vision permanently.

Harnam’s case is neither first nor unique in India as everyday thousands of people get affected by one or the other deadly diseases by consuming adulterated food products. In items such as milk, khoya, paneer, arhar dal, edible oils, sugar, and chilli and turmeric powder, the quantity of adulteration is high.

However, the irony is that even if the culprit gets caught, he goes scot free in the absence of a stringent punishment under the present law, which prescribes maximum imprisonment of up to six months or a fine of rupees 1,000.................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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