Let the fair and lovely cohabit with the dark and handsome in our farmlands

Nomenclature is a subtle art which can raise or lower status. It is practised to perfection in government and in PR firms. A joint secretary, despite the adjective, is lower in rank than a secretary in the government. While the whole of India has but one Vice President, a PR firm may have a dozen.

Such naming has come to agriculture as well. Why are dalia (broken wheat) and millets (ragi, jowar, barley, bajra, varagu, sorghum) called ‘coarse grains’ while wheat and rice are ‘fine grains’? Should particle size matter so much? Is this like a colour prejudice? Are fine grains ‘fair and lovely’ and millets, the darker cousins, the runners up and not eaten by city folk? This preference is foolish. Gram for gram, coarse grains offer more nutrition than wheat or rice..............Read more


Source: The Hindu

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