Biting cold? Stay warm with these age-old recipes with modern twists

My favourite winter memory is of sitting out in the terrace, with my back to the sun, as amma would dole out piping-hot bathua ka parantha or bowlfuls of dal palak as the afternoon meal. In the evenings, the family would get together over gossip and gajak, which had been brought in especially from Meerut. 

As winter envelops the country in various shades of cold, it is memories such as these — of hearty conversations over comforting stews, fiery hot pickles and sweet mouthfuls of jaggery and sesame — that warm one’s heart and hearth through the season. All it takes is a journey through such stories to create a tapestry of winter’s bounty from across the country. For Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal, winter is synonymous with chakotre ki chaat. 

“My in-laws are from Garhwal, and whenever I am there during this season, we all sit out and eat chakotra(grapefruit) with green garlic and chillies,” says Ghildiyal, who is an author, consultant and founder of the APB Cook Studio, Mumbai. Sunning oneself while munching on a tart and juicy seasonal fruits seems to be a favourite memory. For Teiskhem Lynrah — who founded Meraki in Mumbai along with Pooja Pangtey, to highlight India’s biodiversity, native ingredients and culinary traditions...Read more


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