Black, nutty and nutritious

A case of the sniffles leads SHONALI MUTHALALY to discover the wonders of the chewy, sticky black rice

It all began with a turmeric latte. The weather’s been infuriatingly indecisive lately, moodily soggy one minute and recklessly bright the next. In a cunning attempt to pre-empt an attack of the sniffles, I whip up a cup of creamy hot chocolate, suitably dark, with just enough bitterness to give it an edge. Then, I sneeze.

One friend tells me vodka is great for colds, another swears by brandy. However, all I have is a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. I add a generous glug of it to my cup of hot chocolate. It’s absolutely dreadful.

Perhaps, it’s best to take a more traditional route. Apparently, turmeric milk spiked with pepper is the home remedy of choice at times like this. I wouldn’t know. My mother’s idea of traditional healing is giving me two Vitamin C tablets and a lecture on why partying late into the night is the sole reason I’m sick.......................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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