Full of (cocoa) beans

A bunch of chocolatiers are reinventing India’s palate for the world’s favourite confectionery


If the advertisements we’ve grown up watching are to be believed, there isn’t a problem in the world a bar of Dairy Milk can’t fix. Having a bad day, a lover’s tiff, or stuck in traffic — all you need is a bar of sugary milk chocolate to lift your spirits. However, today we have a small yet significant bunch of chocolatiers across the country quietly questioning this perception. Their argument is that a bar of chocolate can be so much more than the mass-produced variety we swear by. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be sweet.

Leading this revolution is David Belo, a Londoner of South African origin, and the founder of Earth Loaf chocolates. A former mixologist, Belo has now traded London for a small factory in Mysuru, and premium spirits for more humble foods like jamuns, apricots and gondhoraj lemons, which he pairs with chocolate. “I look at chocolate as a grown-up food akin to wine and even single malts,” he says. “Cocoa has more flavour compounds than wine. It’s a complex food that can be extremely healthy. But when you process it with sugar and preservatives at high temperatures you lose a lot of these subtleties”.

Soon after Belo launched Earth Loaf in 2014, Jane Mason and her husband Fabien debuted their brand Mason and Co in Auroville, Puducherry, with the same vision....Read more


Source web page: Business Line

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