Healthier oil for the ‘Farmily’

Workers unload sesame seeds into large 400-kg oil mills and begin grinding the seeds. The wooden mortar begins to spin slowly while the wooden pestle stays still. Around 20 minutes later, oil begins bubbling and pouring out of a small tap in the side of the mill, into a large pot.

This is the scene at Farmily’s storefront and factory in Purasaivakkam, where they sell and make fresh, cold-pressed oil. It was opened in June last year and is run by Sri Sasi Rekha, an entrepreneur who recently won the Best Entrant award in the Food and Beverages category in Homepreneur Awards, Suyasakthi Virudhugal.

“I started this factory after the Jallikattu protest last year. My husband and I decided to take up seven things to be healthier, and eating better was an important part of that,” she said. Sasi Rekha manages the day-to-day operations, while her husband oversees the purchase of seeds and marketing.

The couple buys sesame, groundnuts and coconuts in bulk and grinds 16-kg of seed in their two mills for an hour to an hour and a half. They do this a dozen times daily, and produce around  six litres of cold-pressed oil per session. The mortar and pestle used by them are made from walnut wood, which was used by our ancestors in making oil.

Because the oil is cold-pressed, it is pure, has a higher viscosity and retains most of the nutrients that would have been boiled away if they used a steel mill......Read more


Source web page: New indian express

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