Healthy eating is now a piece of cake

As soon as we walk into Casa 9 in Nungambakkam, the aroma of freshly baked bread takes over senses. This is followed by the blissful sight of rows and rows of confectionary and the quiet rumble of my stomach. This was sensory overload at the first retail outlet of Piece of Cake.

In 2009, founder Shalini Padmanabhan decided to make confectionary for her friends and family from her home. Slowly, the brand grew and they established their factory in Anna Nagar soon after. Their 2,000-sq-ft factory produces baked goods for various restaurants and shops across the city, and a few customers even used to buy directly from their factory.

“Consumer tastes are changing. They are now looking for health-conscious products that are preservative-free and fresh. So, we decided to cater to that market with our diverse range of products,” said Dilip Thakurdas, co-owner. They sell sourdough bread, almond bread and oat flour bread. One of their unique items is spinach bread, which is prepared daily using fresh spinach.Read more

Source web page: New Indian Express

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