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Healthy Bites kiosks try to amp up the health quotient of IT professionals by making traditional food available at affordable prices

Corporate employees are known to binge on junk food. It is, after all, a function of their long work hours and fast-paced lifestyle. Two food entrepreneurs — Rajesh Antony and Mendonza Joseph — set out to change that four years ago. Through Healthy Bites, they cater heritage cuisine at various IT companies, to provide healthy options that hold on to their traditional value. Their vegetarian menu includes 152 items for the health-conscious IT professional.

Currently, there are 13 kiosks in the city, including the ones at TCS, HP, HCL and Accenture. “Our sucrose red rice, sprout salad and ragi porridge seem to delight employees,” says Mendonza, as he scoops out a ladle of steaming barley bisque from a huge pot.................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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