Planet-friendly kitchens

Home chefs and corporate chefs alike are jumping on to the sustainability bandwagon, and creatively so

Vegetable and fruits scraps are sometimes more nutritious than the edible parts. This is old news, but the question is: how do you actually make a dish out of them? Mumbai-based Arina Suchde, a health-focused chef, mixologist and consultant, who is passionate about sustainable cooking, has the answer. “In our parents’ and grandparents’ generation, food was cooked from every edible part, very little went into the bin. Today, wastage occurs from the farm itself. You will also see squashed-up vegetables on shop shelves, and then we throw away skins, rinds, and peels. I rustle up dishes from these.”

Arina isn’t alone: sustainable dining is fast being recognised as a worthy cause in the industry, globally. Earlier this year, Azurmendi in Spain won the Sustainable Restaurant Award in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018. The restaurant has a vegetable garden. Guests visit the garden to see the produce and are then led to an indoor greenhouse to select dishes. In an email interview, Chef Eneko Atxa’s team explains his philosophy: “Besides making people happy with his gastronomy, he aims to cook a better future. That is why we have created and are working on the JAKI(N) project (JAKI means food and JAKIN means knowledge in our Basque language), which covers different areas such as health, solidarity and sustainability.”...Read more


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