Reinventing native grains at Fab Cafe

When one thinks about dahi papdi chaatkuttujowar and bajra are not the ingredients that come first to mind. Nor is ajwain something that one associates with croissants. And sprouts golgappas with pineapple and mint water? Pfft.

While there is a decidedly familiar menu of parathas, rotis, biriyani and snacks at Fabindia’s dining space at their Experience Centres across the country, most of the ingredients used are organic. In addition to this, 95% of the dishes are gluten-free, says director and co-founder Chef Sunil Chauhan. It is no mean feat, considering most of our favourites use atta and maida in them. The menu at Fab Cafe achieves this by substituting refined flour with jackfruit, quinoa, potato and/or tapioca flours, and instead of refined sugar, there is organic jaggery and coconut sugar.Read more

Source Web page :The Hindu

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