V for Vegan

Veganism has been marked as the top consumer trend in 2018 as more and more millennials turn ethical eaters by swearing off meat and dairy. Forbes predicts vegan is the new business of the year.

Nimmi Jain was not a vegetarian in spite of her surname. Having been introduced to the joys of a well-ground burger and a T-bone steak she had no intention of going over to the green side. At Harvard as a 27-year-old student, she made a casual friend in a young man from Oregon who liked Rajneesh enough to practice yoga.

He had turned vegetarian recently and told her eating animals was bad for karma. Nimmi, who had studied in a posh Mumbai school and later went to college in Pennsylvania, believed in karma as much as Donald Trump believed in Mexicans. Her Rajneesh friend was an anti-foie gras activist, who over a glass of carrot juice and celery sticks told her about how ducks were treated brutally for the sake of epicurean gratification.Read more

Source web page :The New Sunday Express

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