Insight into how the brain forms memories

Researchers have finally found a specific region in the brain — medial temporal lobe — that plays a key role in rapidly forming memories about everyday events.

The medial temporal lobe is associated with episodic memory — the brain’s ability to recall situations like meeting a friend in, say, a mall. Episodic memory logs such happenings and very rapidly forms new associations in the brain.

People suffering from Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders have this type of memory affected. Hence, the results of a study published today (July 2) in the journal Neuron has great clinical significance.

The study also found that firing of a single neuron led to new memories being formed in the human brain. Till date, the role of a single neuron in memory formation has been studied only in animals. And only limited information of episodic memory formation in animals has come out owing to the nature of such studies. As a result, it has remained unclear how individual neurons enable the rapid encoding of new episodic memories in natural settings.............Read more


Source: The Hindu

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