Vegetarian, educated egg donors top couples’ wishlist

Fair, tall and, most importantly, vegetarian. These are not specifications from a matrimonial ad, but attributes childless couples are looking for in egg donors.

Gynaecologists who run in vitro fertilization centres in the city are increasingly seeing couples keen on knowing the caste and religion and, if they can help it, a hint of the donor's IQ. True to type, Indians are turning the focus on food habits too.

Curiously, graduates top the preference list, giving the nature-versus-nurture debate a new twist.

"Every third couple I come across wants a vegetarian donor. Their logic: 'When I'm not able to have a child with my own egg, I must get the best from others.' They're unwilling to reveal whether they eat meat, but prefer eggs of vegetarian donors. Some ask for eggs of young Brahmin or Jain women," said Dr Kamini A Rao, medical director, Milann, The Fertility Centre. They also make enquiries about height, complexion and education, she added.............Read more


Source web page: Times of India

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