No, vegetarianism is not growing in India

Barring Rajasthan and Punjab, the share of meat-eaters has risen in all the states in India in the past decade, with Delhi showing the highest increase

Food and politics have never been more entangled in India than over the past few years. Violent vigilantism has claimed the lives of suspected beef-eaters and even people in the livestock trade. In some of these instances, police action has been first initiated against the alleged beef-eaters rather than on the murderers. Other forms of vigilantism have led to the enforced shutdown of meat markets in entire cities during major religious festivals.

Such incidents seem to suggest that rising religiosity has also led to rising vegetarianism in the country.

But a Mint analysis of data from two successive rounds of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) conducted in 2005-06 and 2015-16 shows that vegetarianism has in fact been on the decline over the past decade.

Across all but two states— Rajasthan and Punjab—the share of meat-eaters has risen over the past decade (charts 1a and 1....Read more


Source web page: Livemint

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