Mind Your Meds

When the delivery room was filled with the first fragile cry of her baby, Ranjita Srivastava slipped into a happy unconsciousness. Six hours after she recovered her senses, she held the newborn in her weak arms. What everyone mostly discussed when they saw him was whether the baby looked more like the mother or the father. He was a healthy boy and they named him Bonney. Five days later, Ranjita had a hard time putting to sleep her otherwise calm baby. He had skin rashes and an upset stomach accompanied by high fever. The baby was injected with antibiotics as precautionary measures after birth. Doctors lost no time to administer the five-day-old with more antibiotics. When one antibiotic did not work, they switched to another in a desperate attempt to save the little one. Nothing worked, Bonney grew weak with each passing day................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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