Aji sunte ho… Guddu ke papa now has a name

Ivdoral: that was how my mother addressed my father. It was a smash-up of 'ivide oru aal' or 'one man here'. There were other men around the house but only one ivdoral. Inspired, the family knighted him Sir Ivdarhal for his polite, measured ways.

My grandmother was more direct — Maniyande achha, Maniyan's father, was how she referred to her husband. One daughter-in-law, altogether too 'modern' for the 1970s, dared call her husband by his name the day she arrived as a bride. The backlash was swift: "Is he her playmate? The arrogance!"

Today, 'chetta', dominates the scene in Kerala. A bit bewildering because it is the Malayalam equivalent of dada, or older brother, and sounds rather incestuous...................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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