Elvis was desi, so was Picasso: ICCR traces the roots of Romany people to Indian subcontinent

George Mikes, the British humourist who was born in Hungary, claimed, tongue in cheek, that everyone in the world was of Hungarian origin. The Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) might take exception to such a pronouncement by making the counterclaim that everyone – or at least almost everyone – is actually of Indian descent.

At its recent three-day Delhi conference – attended by international scholars and ministers Sushma Swaraj and Mahesh Sharma – the ICCR raised an old theory which traces the origins of the globally scattered community of the Romany folk – variously known as Roma, gypsies, tinkers and Zingari – to India where this nomadic tribe is said to be represented by the Banjaras.

The language of the Roma – who are believed to have migrated from India to Europe 2,500 years ago – is said to have a number of words in common with Hindustani and many of the Romany people worship a deity said to be akin to goddess Kali.....................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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