Edakal cave yields one more Tamil-Brahmi inscription

A short inscription engraved in the Brahmi characters has been discovered in the Edakal cave on the Ambukuthi hill in Kerala's Wayanad district. This is the fifth Tamil-Brahmi inscription discovered in the caves.

M.R. Raghava Varier, retired Professor of Epigraphy, Calicut University, who made the latest discovery, has read the record as ‘Sri Vazhumi.' An estampage of the inscription was made by K. Krishnaraj, designer in the Kerala State Department of Archaeology.

In Dr. Varier's interpretation, the inscription appears to be a label attached to a human figure, engraved exactly in the Edakal style of drawing. The figure is shown as having a big phallus, probably denoting fertility, and suggesting Brahma, the Creator himself.

The term, ‘Vazhumi,' could be the Tamil rendering of the Sanskrit name, Brahma, said Dr. Varier, now Editor of Kerala Archaeological Series, a publication of the Department of Archaeology.....Read More


Source: The Hindu

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