Mobile app: App may help decipher Indus Valley symbols

As the Egyptian civilisation flourished and its calligraphers documented the rise and fall of one of man's greatest cultures in the period circa 3,500BC-1,300BC, another great civilisation arose in the Indus Valley in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent.

Much less is known about the Indus Valley Civilisation than its Egyptian equivalent, however — about its development, governance, activities, discoveries and daily life — because historians are comparatively short on information and yet to fully interpret the script of these ancient people.

To the common man, however, the limited corpus of hieroglyphs and other symbols that historians have uncovered from the Indus Valley bear an uncanny resemblance to those found along River Nile. Scientists linked the script to ancient Dravidian languages and an early form of Sanskrit but its meaning remains an enigma....................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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