Let’s talk about feminism & religion

It’s 2017. But when it’s the dreaded ‘three-day war with thyself’ for women, there are households that still, isolate her from the ‘pure world’. Yes, there is a ‘science’ behind certain rituals and traditions but, how many of us know the ‘why’ to make an informed decision? Let’s Talk Life, an open mic forum will be curating a panel discussion on ‘Religion through the eyes of modern women’, to find responses to unanswered questions and draw the link between religion and feminism.

Sharada Vijay and Nandhitha Hariharan, founders of the platform talk, pose questions about unfair practices and more. “When we conducted a workshop on feminism and caste, we found that it was a new experience for a lot of people to link the two ideologies,” recalls Nandhitha. In fact, many were taken aback by the fact these two could be interlinked. “That’s when we realised that a lot of women don’t have a sense of awareness about the traditions they follow and how there is a possibility that it might be against the feminist ideologies they believe in,” she explains.Read more


Source web page: New Indian Express

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