China adopts religion rules to `curb terror

China's cabinet passed new rules on Thursday to regulate religion to bolster security , fight extremism and restrict faith practised outside outfits approved by the state.

The document passed by Premier Li Keqiang updates a version of rules put into place in 2005 to allow the regulation of religion to better reflect “profound“ changes in China.

“Religious affairs maintenance should persist in a principle of maintaining legality , curbing illegality , blocking extremism, resisting infiltration and attacking crime,“ the rules say . “Any group must not create conflict between religions, with a single religion or between religious individuals and non-religious individuals.“

President Xi Jinping has emphasised the need to guard against foreign infiltration through religion and the need to prevent spread to “extremist“ ideology , while also being tolerant of traditional faiths .

The rules, which will come into effect on February 2018, also place new oversight on online discussion of religious matters, on religious gatherings, financing of religious groups.Fines for breaking the rules have also been increased, and the organisers of unapproved events have to shell out 100,000 to 300,000 yuan


Source web page:Times of India

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