Documentary explores spirituality in daily lives

"Spirituality" may seem to be an ambiguous and intangible concept. Director Yang So-young, however, challenges that notion in her debut film, "The FUSION: Being Physically Spiritual, Spiritually Physical."

The 84-minute feature documentary film, which was previewed to The Korea Times before its official distribution, is a collection of 22 interviews of ordinary people living in big cities. Through each interviewee, the director tries to discover spirituality in a contemporary urban dweller's everyday life.

"I wanted to show that spirituality was actually present in our daily lives and that everyone could find it," said Yang. "I wanted to express how the physical life as it is has a spiritual quality in itself. So I purposely tried to find people living in metropolitan areas and traveled to big cities, such as Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul, New York and San Diego."

Yang, originally a video artist, put the film together as if it is a piece of visual artwork in a freestyle format, with letters and photos as materials for expression. The use of vibrant colors is also notable...............Read more



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