Troubled by the humdrum of city life, this author opted for a Vipassana retreat to reboot her soul

For 10 days, I disconnected from the world 

No phone. No internet. No TV. Observe complete silence. Sleep in a barely 9ft/4ft barrack-like cell. Wake up at 4 am. Meditate for over nine hours. Wash your dishes. Eat frugal meals - breakfast at 6.30, lunch at 11 am and dinner at 5 pm. 

I went for a Vipassana workshop. 

And this was the best 10-day break I have given myself. 

To think of it, the decision to go was not an easy one. About 10 years back, a friend first mentioned Vipassana to me. It felt too difficult to even consider. Five years back, another Dutch friend who goes on her annual silent retreat, pitched it. I had a slew of valid reasons not to go including my teenaged son and work deadlines. 

Then in January, a friend forwarded a link to the Sohna Vipassana centre. Within days I had registered and left for the program....Read more


Source web page: Economic Times


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