Ancient civilisations knew how to adapt to seasonal changes’

The early cultures utilised landscapes to protect themselves, say two young geo-archaeologists.

Early civilisations in both India and China were aware of seasonal change and understood and utilised the landscape around them accordingly, geo-archaeologists conducting research in the two countries said here on Monday.

Delivering a lecture on human-environment adaptation at Alamgirpur, a prehistoric site in western Uttar Pradesh, and at archaeological sites on the banks of Yellow River in China, two young geo-archaeologists said there was evidence of pre-historic civilisations adapting to floods, dry spells as well as monsoons.

Sayantani Neogi, post-doctoral research associate at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, said all the pre-historic sites around Alamgirpur, considered the eastern-most limit of the Harappan civilisation, were located on the floodplains of an erstwhile tributary of the Yamuna...............Read more


Source: The Hindu

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