With a vision for Sanskrit

Chamu Krishna Shastry’s mission is to promote the language among common men.

Youngsters are often asked as to what they want to be when they grow up, and in general, most youth pick the usual path of a career in the sciences, engineering, medicine, commerce or art subjects. A small percentage of individuals choose paths of contributing to society. One such individual who picked an unusual path is Chamu Krishna Shastry who has been nominated for Padma Sri for 2016. He is a remarkable example of how persistence and hard work can create a new environment.

Chamu Krishna Shastry’s vision is to bring Sanskrit back into active usage across the country and world and utilise its power to establish harmony among communities. Samskrita Bharati, the organisation started by Sri. Chamu Krishna Shastry, about 35 years ago, has grown to be a global organisation with branches in more than 13 countries. The conversational Sanskrit teaching method pioneered by Samskrita Bharati is popular................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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