Why are politicians not being held accountable, IAS officials ask

Where does the buck stop in government, at the desk of a minister or that of the bureaucrat who signs the files? This question has stirred a passionate debate in Andhra Pradesh, where the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested two bureaucrats and questioned many more in connection with a slew of corruption scams.

For the State's IAS officers, the question is a no-brainer: the political executive must take responsibility for all policy decisions. It already claims credit for the good decisions, so why not the bad ones, they are asking. They are peeved that the CBI does not quite see it the same way, and that rather than holding political leaders accountable for all scams, it has been hounding the bureaucrats.

The discontent in the elite service has been brewing ever since the CBI arrested and sent to jail two of their colleagues, Y. Srilakshmi and B.P. Acharya, both Principal Secretaries, and summoned several other senior bureaucrats, including an ex-Chief Secretary, for questioning.....Read More


Source: The Hindu

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