Collector, bro, rockstar!

In February, N Prasanth took charge as Kozhikode’s new collector. Local newspapers gave an overview of his first day at work. As is wont, the staff had gathered outside to receive him. The 35-year-old IAS officer (2007 batch) walked in wearing casual denims, checked shirt and sunglasses. The glasses stayed as he greeted the staff, walked to his chamber, shook hands with his chuffed parents, attended work and met the press.

Nothing tickles the archetypal Malayali as much as the chance to taunt; and perceived arrogance is a collective pet peeve. Ahankaram (arrogance) may be the polished term, but real joy is in the earthy and colloquial jaada, a potent idea that sums anyone up in a single stroke. Wear sunglasses at public functions, and jaada is on its way................Read more


Source: BusinessLine

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