Bed & Breakfast in Incredible India

India will have its own Bed & Breakfast scheme. In a new policy initiative to promote tourism, the government has allowed foreign tourists visiting ‘Incredible India’ an opportunity to stay with a local family, experience its traditions and relish the country’s authentic cuisine. 

To overcome the problem of accommodation shortage that the booming Indian tourism industry is facing, the ministry of tourism has approved a policy aimed at providing home stay facilities to foreign and domestic tourists titled as the ‘Bed and Breakfast Scheme’. 

The voluntary scheme proposes to attract house owners who have additional rooms which can be used as a tourist accommodation. According to sources, the ministry of tourism has laid the guidelines for the approval and registration of the ‘Bed and Breakfast’ establishments and a regional classification committee will be responsible for inspecting and assessing the ‘Bed and Breakfast’ establishments based on facilities and services offered.

The regional classification committee will consist of representatives from Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) and state tourism department among others. The Indian tourism industry is plagued by a shortage of accommodation facilities. ....Read more


Source web page: Economic Times



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