Odisha and Bihar rank lowest in Swachh Bharat survey of 31 states and UTs

Mandi in Himachal Pradesh is the cleanest district followed by Sindhudurg in Maharashtra, according to the first ever survey of rural areas among 75 short-listed districts across the country.

The survey was conducted by Quality Council of India (QCI) on behalf of the sanitation ministry covering nearly 70,000 household across 2,530 villages. It was released by drinking water and sanitation minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Thursday. The report has ranked districts under two categories - districts in north-east and hill states and districts in plains.

However, in the overall score of all the 75 districts Mandi got 98.4 out of 100 marks while Sindhudurg got a score of 96.8. Interestingly, while nine out of top 10 districts in the hill states are from Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim, in plain areas, eight of the top ranking 10 are from Maharashtra and Bengal. Gurgaon ranked 40 among the 53 districts in the plain areas.......................Read more


Source: The Economic Times

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