SwachhBharat@2: Build smart toilets before smart cities

Even as the government has launched the Swachh Bharat Mission on such a large scale, manual scavenging remains a big concern. The government has listed eradication of manual scavenging as one of its objectives under the mission but when you translate their objectives into actions, there isn’t a single programme for the eradication of manual scavengers or their rehabilitation. Sanitation in India is a caste-based and patriarchy-based occupation. By not acknowledging this reality, what is it that the government wants to achieve? What are their real issues? We do not need such a big campaign just for the construction of toilets. The campaign should revolve about changing the mindset first. Then again they will need safai-karmachari — something the government is not talking about.

Change the Mindset
Now that you are going to build some 10 crore more toilets by 2019, this means you will build some 10 crore more septic tanks...................Read more


Source: The Economic Times

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