SwachhBharat@2: Neat vs shabby Delhi: A close look at the two sides of the capital

It's noon at Lodhi Garden in New Delhi. The 90-acre lush green park in the heart of the capital city is the 1 percenters' playground. With jogging tracks winding around 500-year-old monuments, this is where Delhi's rich and famous come for power walking and a breath of believably fresh air. Manicured bushes, spanking-clean paths and every bit of paper waste and plastic in the bins. It seems unlike Delhi outside, billowing out the dirtiest air in the world, struggling with garbage mounds and open drainage.

After his rather untimely jogging, Mahesh Gupta is loitering around, enjoying the scenic beauty of this place in late summer. "This is the best in Delhi and the best of Delhi," says the 54-year-old businessman, who lives in the nearby Lodhi Colony, which is under the jurisdiction of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC). The urban local body takes care of just over 3% of Delhi's geographical area, including Lodhi Garden.....................Read more


Source: The Economic Times

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