SwachhBharat@2: What separates garbage city Bengaluru from the clean Mysuru?

They think you are from the press,” a man says with a smile, as if to share an in-joke, followed by a caution to step away from the railway tracks as the Gol Gumbaz Express to Mysuru enters Platform No. 8 at Bengaluru City Station. When he realises that the photographs of the workers cleaning the tracks are indeed for an article on Swachh Bharat, he is delighted and insists on a vigorous handshake. But the arrival of the train, seats in different compartments and the collective rush to board interrupt a prospective conversation.

Just minutes before, three women were engaged in picking up garbage around the tracks but the filth on the tracks was beyond them, possibly left to be hosed away later. The platforms and the main entrance to Bengaluru’s biggest station, renamed earlier this year after the 19th century warrior Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna, were clean, perhaps in keeping with the Swachhta Sapta (cleanliness week) launched by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu...........................Read more


Source: The Economic Times

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