Of idols, thieves and the security net with a hole

Even as officials put in place an elaborate system to safeguard the precious idols, temple staff, who are uncared for, remain as vulnerable as ever

At a time when the Idol Wing-CID and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) are checking the antiquity of idols that are currently stored at the Icon Centre in Thiyagarajaswamy temple in Tiruvarur, the spotlight has turned on the plight of temple priests and other employees without whose help the exercise would not have been possible.

Somasundara Gurukkal, the priest of Thirukottaram temple, who was sitting outside the icon centre at the Thiyagarajaswamy temple in Thiruvarur on Friday, was one such man. As the bronze idols of his temple were being brought out one by one to be tested for their antiquity, Mr. Somasundara Gurukkal was visibly excited.

“This is Villendhivelan. Lord Muruga is holding a bow and such depiction could be seen in very few temples,” he said.....Read more


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